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Meet the Team: Brittany Hash

Program Coordinator Brittany Hash has been a member of the Literacy NRV staff since August 2022. Her role has changed during her time at LNRV and she now focuses on volunteer recruitment and training, partnership development, and volunteer matching.

We asked Brittany to share some of the reasons that she loves working at Literacy NRV:

What is your favorite thing about working at Literacy NRV?

My favorite thing about working at Literacy NRV is knowing that even on the most mundane days, what I’m doing is making a difference for the betterment of our community. No task at Literacy NRV is too miniscule. We have only a handful of staff members at Literacy NRV and I love knowing that each person plays a very integral part in putting the puzzle that is “free adult education” together.

What is one thing you wish people knew about our mission?

I want people to know that what we do here at Literacy NRV isn’t merely a business arrangement. It’s personal. We make sure judgment is checked at the door. We create a safe space for adults to let their walls down, appreciating their vulnerability and taking their hand as they take their first steps towards change.  When we meet a student, we become a part of their journey. We walk alongside them. We cheer them on. We laugh and cry with them. We make sure they are celebrated.

What have you learned from our students and/or volunteers?

I have learned the importance and beauty of the saying “It takes a village.” We are very aware here at Literacy NRV that our staff cannot singlehandedly meet the needs of the adults in our community. It’s why our volunteers are so important to our mission. The needs are so vast and multifaceted that it requires many hands. When you look at the number of men and women in the NRV that cannot read or do math passed the 3rd grade level or the number of adults who are seeking to learn English as a second language, it all seems so impossible. But the beauty of a village is that when everyone gives just a little bit, a lot can be done.

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